February 12, 2009

It Goes Without Saying

-While my mom was here, Savannah stopped what she was doing, looked at her for a moment then says, "Granny, you're getting old!"

- The other day, I asked Savannah, "Are you sure you don't want socks on? Its really cold outside."
To which she matter-of-factly replied, "No, I can handle myself."

-The boys were in the bathtub. Savannah goes in to use the toilet. Suddenly I here her yell rather loudly, "You got water all over my pants! You big bully!"

-The kids were running up and down the hallway playing, who knows what, when suddenly Savannah gets her grouchy face on and hands on hips she declares to the boys, "Tigers don't have light sabers!!"

-Tonight, Savannah wanted to say the prayer. Just before closing she says, "And bless that no bad guys can come into our house, and that no devils can come to our house either."

Amen to that.

2 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

While I was watching the kids while you were gone and I was "correcting" Savannah's behavior...she turned to me with "attitude" and said..."You are just like Mom"...I LOVED IT!!!! YES!!! and I hope someday...Savannah will become like HER MOTHER!!!! (smile)

R said...

They say the funniest things! Do you ever hear yourself come out of Savannah--that is my favorite when Eliza says something and I know it is something I have said to her

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