February 19, 2009

Brown Eyes and Hair Cuts

Its suppose to be a scientific fact, but I don't believe a word of it. 
Blue eyes are the recessive gene huh? I have brown eyes, Luke has grey eyes. And yet, three out of my four kids have blue eyes. Alayna is my first brown-eyed baby!
I was so excited when Savannah came with blue eyes and blond hair. Growing up I had felt so wronged, since I saw brown hair and brown eyes as such a boring combo. Not on any one else you understand, just on myself. Silly huh.
Now, I am so very excited to finally have a baby with the same eye/hair combo! Although I'm sure Alayna's hair will lighten, I doubt she will ever be as blond as Savannah.

In other news, I'm having a bit of a deja' vu experience. Our water heater isn't really working. Luke has to manually light the gas heater every time we want hot water! It stays lit just long enough for a lukewarm shower before the flame goes out again. 
If the kids want a bath, I need to boil water in the stove and pour it into the tub to get the water warm enough. Hmm... sounds like when we first moved into this apartment. (click here for an entertaining read)
I need to call maintenance today, but I need to clean my house first.  yes, it's that bad. I can't really wash dishes or wash certain soiled kiddy clothes without hot water! But you know what the worst of it is? I'm having hot shower withdrawals!
Can't... go... on... without... hot... shower......

See, even Alayna thinks its all nasty business. Or maybe she was just watching the kids fight over her... I can't remember.  

Man she's got some wicked cool hair!
Speaking of which, I went to a "Girl's Night Out" activity the other day. Upon one friend entering I commented on her hair cut. She immediately launches into how the girl cut it all wrong, how her bangs are too short, etc. Then she goes on to her eyebrows and how they waxed them wrong and she feels like she doesn't have any brows left! 
Next thing I know, half the table is talking about where they go, who to see and who not to, how much they pay, etc. It was truly fascinating! 
I have only ever had my hair cut at a salon ONCE. I paid an atrocious mount and I didn't even like the haircut! So, I always cut my own hair. I figure, why pay someone to give me a bad haircut when I can give myself one for free!
I've never had anything waxed either. Although I would love not having to pluck, I'm terrified they would just take my whole eyebrow off! I've seen it happen before!
Uh, what were we talking about before? Oh ya, Alayna's cool hair...  

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Mama Smith said...

I have such CUTE GRANDBABIES!!!!!

Mama Smith said...
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Amy H. said...

Eye color and hair color are actually polygenic traits—meaning that multiple genes, not just one, control your baby’s eye and hair color. You are right that in the past eye and hair color were thought to be prime examples of Mendelian genetics (remember the pea plants?), but the actual science has proven more complex—making predictions about inherited traits difficult. But I think it makes sense that a detail as important, pretty, and artistic as eye color would need to have some more prep work behind it than just one gene. Don’t mind me. It’s just the old genetics major coming through after a morning at the lab.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! Yes! A genetics lesson! Thanks for setting me straight.
I'll have to remember to come to you with any scientific questions I might have. =)

Brittney said...

Sweet hair!! I'm amazed you can cut your own hair even halfway decent. I'll cut Kent's hair, but when I want layers throughout my hair and wacky stuff like that - there's no way I'd dare to do it myself.

Heidi said...

Hmm...I don't think I should even go into what I do about getting my hair cut. But at least it's only every other year--if that. I had brown hair and brown eyes until I was about 10. And then my eyes started to change color and they've been changing ever since. Maybe one of the older ones will randomly end up with brown or green eyes. But I like them how they are now--each one is adorable!

E said...

Alayna is ADORABLE!!

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