May 31, 2008

The Male Mind

Joseph was so funny holding the water gun up to his eye.  He obviously couldn't decide which part would be the best. Sometimes I wonder where they learn these things! Is it just a boy thing or what? Its almost like they don't need to be shown to like certain things or do certain things, they just do!


I think it would be a curious adventure to see inside the male mind and try to figure them out. Example, (disclaimer: this is in no way suppose to make people think my husband is mean, because he's not) the other day I was getting into the car head first and Luke, elbow first. Well, of course they met and instead of asking me if I was okay, which is what I would have done he said, "well, that was bad timing".  I wonder if he is just so use to elbowing me in the face in his sleep it might have just felt natural?  =)  Or when he steps on my toes, its not, "I'm sorry" its, "well if your toes weren't so long I probably wouldn't step in them!" Hmmm, my brothers always said that too. But still, I have lost more toenails because of that man than I care to think about. Maybe they are just honest, kind of like the, "does this dress make me look fat" thing. It was bad timing when we banged in the car and I do have really long toes.  But what about the car thing, or tools, or big machines and engines? I understand their appeal to a point but seriously guys, how long can you possibly stare at an engine and it still be interesting? Sports is another thing I just don't get. I know they are fun to play, but how is watching a bunch of sweaty guys chase a ball round for hours appealing? Something tells I might get in trouble for saying all this. (the above was written in good humor and should not be taken seriously)
Okay, so my mom always told me all bad things happen after midnight, and here I am rambling on about the oddest things. Perhaps I should make it a rule not to write on this after midnight.

May 30, 2008

Man's Best Friend

No, I'm not talking about dogs. I'm referring to the computer! Perhaps you PC users have no idea what I am talking about, but I know you Mac users understand. Luke often makes fun of me because I spend a of of time on my computer. But I can't help it. Most of my art projects require the use of my computer and  all the drawings I do are from digital photos so I sit in front of my computer to draw. If I do happen to work on a project that doesn't require the use of my favorite machine then I simply turn my chair around and without creating any distance, I have access to a small table designated as my work table. So, I end up spending a large part of my day on or near my computer. My kids often play next to me and sometimes they will even sit and watch for a while. Why am I saying all of this? Because once again it is the middle of the night and I am unable to sleep. So, I turn to my computer, probably out of habit.
Hmmm, Jacob is crying, I'll finish this post in the morning.

Okay, I'm back. I wanted to share a funny story that happened yesterday. I went to the Bishop's Storehouse for the first time to can some food. Due to events that are not relevant to the story I ended up having to pick up the kids from the babysitters and bring them back to the storehouse so I could pay for and pick-up the food. The entrance has two sets of automatic doors, because it has a breezeway so the kids were running back and forth playing with the doors while I was standing in line. They were just fine, having fun, bothering no one, until this little old lady came up. She apparently thought their lives were in danger and took it upon herself to save my kids from being crushed to death in the doors that won't close on you because of the sensors. Now, I once had a friend tell me that my middle name should have been "Sassy" instead of "Serene". If that applies to me than it really applies to my kids 10 times more. They did not appreciate this lady's efforts to save them. So, she opted to grab their hands and proceeded to drag them into the storehouse. Okay, my kids do NOT like being man-handled, in any sort of way and they were actually fighting her, poor soul, and and yelling at her to let go. Once she got them into the room they ran off into the corner to get away from her. Then she remarked, "there, at least I did something pro-active!" or something to that nature. Where was I and why did I not step in? I did try to tell the kids it was okay and she was just trying to help but I was holding Jacob and a bunch of other stuff so it was hard to react quickly (Jacob is a hefty load)  I also didn't want to hurt the lady's feeling by telling her that my kids were just fine. (I really don't know how to convey just how worried she was that my kids were going to die)  While I lectured my kids on treating adults with respect, part of me thought that after a remark like she made and if she was going to go through all that trouble to handle something that was none of her business, than she probably deserved the work-out she got. Don't think I'm too terrible for saying that. As a mother, I don't appreciate other people trying to take on the role if I am right there to handle it, no matter how good their intentions. Oops, my feisty is coming out. I better stop writing now.

May 28, 2008


Wow, do I have good looking kids or what! Me and the boys got a little wild with the spray bottle. Actually, Jacob thought it was pretty cool, Joseph just sorta sat there and took it. But it was still fun for me!!

And then of course Savannah just couldn't handle being left out. But her hair doesn't spike quite as well. Sometimes she gets the goofiest look on her face. I happen to catch one of those looks here.

She is so funny, I never really know what will come out of her mouth next. Today I was cleaning the bathrooms and she sat there watching me. When I was done she said, "Oh thank you mommy for cleaning my bathroom! You are the best cleaner and the nicest cleaner and the best, best, best cleaner ever!" I guess I will get to go down in history as the nicest and the best toilet scrubbing mom ever!

May 27, 2008

Confessions of a Chocoholic

Its time.
I'm coming out of the closet... where I hide all the empty candy bags.
I have decided to confess my addiction to chocolate and openly share my top ten, deepest, darkest secrets in regard to this addiction.
I'm sure the women reading this will be able to relate more than the men will. Still, I doubt even most of you women can relate to the severity of the problem.

1. I have eaten a whole bag of chocolate within 2 hours... more than once
2. When people bring over chocolate chip banana bread or chocolate chip pumpkin cookies, or something of that nature, I actually pick out the chocolate and give the bread part to the kids
3. I have driven all the way to the store and back, with all the kids, just for chocolate... more than once
4. There have been a couple times when people have brought over a chocolate dessert of some kind and I ate the whole thing and did not tell Luke that something was even brought over or blame the fact that it is gone on the kids
5. Whenever I bake chocolate chip cookies I dig through the bowl looking for the cookie with the most chocolate chips every single time I eat one
7. On average, I usually have to buy at least three bags of chocolate chips before they actually get made into cookies, I always end up eating them first
8. If I get a cookie that doesn't have a lot of chocolate in it, I just eat the chocolate than throw the rest of the cookie away.
9. I have actually eaten baking chocolate when there was no other chocolate available in the house
10. I am eating chocolate while writing this

So, there you have it, my Top Ten List of evil deeds.
Just know if you ever try to use this list against me, I will deny it all! And you can't prove all those empty chocolate bags are mine... unless you test the bag for DNA.
Not that I lick the bag or anything...(cough) I'll just blame it on the kids.

May 24, 2008

Zoo Babies

Luke was feeling quite ambitious today and wanted to do something with the kids so we took a little trip to the zoo. It was really fun, The weather was cool, but not cold and all the kids were in good moods which always makes for a happy mommy. The whole trip took us about 2 hours, it was perfect.
Joseph loved the goats. He and Savannah went inside the gate where he had a great time. 

Savannah just held onto a worker's hand and didn't go near a single goat.
Jacob liked them until he little finger was nibbled on. After that he wanted nothing to do with them.
I think Joseph liked the turtles the best.
Jacob LOVED the monkeys! He probably felt right at home with them!  =)
Jacob got pretty excited but a little duck we saw on the way out.

After we were done we ate a picnic lunch and as soon as we were done with that it started to rain. But it didn't last long and we drove around the south side of town where I made the most amazing discovery! Idaho has trees! I mean, the state is actually capable of sustaining giant tress, and lots of them in one place! It was awesome! Too bad that the places that had the trees were either WAY too expensive or the houses were really old. But still, maybe there is hope....

May 22, 2008

Iron Man

Although I haven't seen the movie yet, I doubt he holds a candle to my little Iron Man! Savannah got these Iron Man glasses in a kids meal a while ago. I put them on Jacob and he just ran around the house like he was the coolest kid on the block.

Just for those wondering why I am posting a blog entry at 12:15am I have been tossing around in bed for over an hour and finally couldn't take it anymore. It is a curse of mine, thinking too much while trying to fall asleep. It seems to be the only time I can think since the rest of the day I am like the energizer bunny, going... going... going....
So, I thought, eh, why not come stare at a bright computer screen and try and think of something clever to say. Unfortunately at this hour of the morning my "clever" is unavailable so I will just share a bit of good news. After three weeks on the new job, Luke was feeling frustrated for many reasons but let's just say he was questioning his decision to take this job. But today, after a chat with the big boss, Luke expressed a bit of his desire to do more. So Luke got a whopper. He is now the project manager over a huge project. A dome they are building in Poland. So, he came home happy and excited from his job for the first time.

And for no great reason, here is a silly picture of Savannah and myself.

May 21, 2008

Freak Weather

I don't think I could POSSIBLY express in words how completely and utterly upset I am about the weather here. Yesterday we had the A/C going and today I had the heater going! The wind here is bad and right now it is howling, I mean it is so dang noisy! Having grown up with Florida tropical storms I always loved the rain and wind, and the way the sky always changed  colors when it stormed. So its not the storm that is upsetting me necessarily, it is the dang temperature!! The high today was supposedly 52 degrees but I don't believe it for a second. I think it was more like 20 degrees!! The sun did not shine at all and tomorrow will be just as bad. (seethe... seethe...) Okay, I think I'm done venting now.
Just a quick update on the boys, Joseph woke up this morning with his right eye completely "glued" shut. I had to stick a warm wet rag on it for a while before I could peel all the goobies off. Jacob finally quit throwing up but it was his other end I had to deal with all day, poor kid. Both boys have slight coughs as well.  Luke went to bed feeling pretty lousy so there is potential for three sick boys. So far Savannah and I are fine. For some reason it seems like all the boys get sick together and us girls get sick together, very strange. Anyway, I took some fun video of the kids tonight which I will post later, but right now I am off to bed!

May 20, 2008

On a happier note...

These pictures are a couple weeks old, I just never got a chance to put them up. We made cupcakes for no specific reason. I just thought the kids would have fun with them, and they did! I think these pictures are awesome! I thought it was funny how every single one turned out so silly! Gotta love Savannah's hair! Which reminds me, the other day Savannah was laying on the floor drinking out of her sippy cup and Jacob walked over and grabbed a fist full of her hair and ripped it out of her head. Boy does that girl have a pair of lungs on her! When she finally calmed down a bit she said to me, "mom, Jacob pulled my hair out now it won't grow long and beautiful!" I assured her it still would and she was fine after that.

And on it goes...

Well, Jacob was still throwing up today, not a ton but if he happened to eat or drink too much, up it came. But now there is something going on with Joseph! Besides that fact that he woke up this morning having soaked his sheets, oh joy, he had goobie eyes and one of them was puffy and red and swollen half shut. When I tried to clean his eyes he just kept crying saying it hurt. His eyes are red and they have dark circles under them. Other than that he is the same ole' Joseph. I'm a little worried and just hope its nothing serious. I guess we'll see how he is tomorrow. It makes me sad to see my kids sick.
Perhaps I shouldn't admit this, but today was one of those days that seem to push my limits. There are some days that it seems the harder I try, the worse things get. I don't know if I could ever explain it right but I just felt like I was going to explode inside. With the kids constant demands and messes, crying, fighting and screaming I thought I would pop. So, I told Luke I was going to Walmart to buy some milk! And I did. When I came home I felt much better and was able to put the kids to bed no problem. Amazing how a few minutes of peace and quiet and help settle your nerves. Still, I wouldn't trade those monkeys for anything in the world! I hope the boys feel better tomorrow! Even with a washer and dyer I have a big pile of laundry to do!

May 19, 2008


When I got out of the shower this morning, I could hear Jacob crying pretty hard. I hurried and dressed then, when I opened the door, I about fell backwards the smell was so intense! I look in to find poor Jacob covered in throw-up and, well, let's just say exploded diaper contents. Poor kid looked absolutely miserable. I quickly turned on the bathtub and stuck him in then started on the nasty job of pulling sheets and blankets out of his crib, wiping down all the rails on the crib and picking up chunks of who knows what, that were laying around on the floor. I'm not sure what he has but he threw up his breakfast as well. 
Right now, I am feeling very blessed to have in my possession my own washer and dryer. I would have hated to have to haul it all down to a laundry mat or to wash it all my hand. I love modern technology! Running water to give Jacob a bath, baby Tylenol to make him feel better and even Febreze, to help with the smell. Blessing, blessings!
I hope now that little Jacob will feel better soon.

Grandma's House

Saturday we took the kids down to Grandma Heiner's house. They had a lot of fun playing with a few of their cousins. Heather was there with her two boys, Cody and Jeremy, then Michelle and Lane came down with their two kids Lizzy and Spencer.

I got this little frog at Walmart hoping it would give the kids something to play with on the balcony at our apartment. But we brought it down to Grandma's house with us and the kids loved it... well, except for Jacob.

Sorry it's so shaky

When it was clear that the frog pool was not big enough for everyone, Grandma brought out her secret weapon.

Both pools squirt water so whenever Cody turned on the hose the kids would scatter.

Then later the kids had fun jumping on the trampoline. 
(Cody, Jeremy, Lizzy, Savannah, Joseph)
I also had a video clip of the kids jumping but it wouldn't load, I'll try to add it later.

Then we had a hot dog roast. Here's Jacob and Spencer hanging out in the wood wagon.

Little Jeremy looking very remorseful that he spilled the fruit dip all over the table.

May 17, 2008

Just Because

I just wanted to record a couple things that have happened in the last couple days so I wouldn't forget.
- Yesterday, I told Joseph it was time for his nap (but I used language such as, its your ni-ni time!) so he ran into his room shouting, "no!"  But as I followed him in I found him on his knees with his arms folded. he said, "prayer mommy". I tried to explain that we didn't need to say a prayer for him nap, but he insisted and would not budge until we said a prayer, so we did!

-Savannah has been so bad with excuses lately. Whenever she doesn't want to do something we ask her to do she always says one of the following:
"I can't, my head is tired!"
"I can't, my brain is tired!"
"I can't, my legs are tired!"
"I can't my eyes are tired!"
"I can't because my legs are tired, my head is tired, and my ankle is tired!"
Oh my, what can I do.

-We took the kids to the park and poor Joseph was watching some kids swing on the swings. Then he casually walked to them, then right into their swinging path! Luke and I were too far away to stop it but we saw the whole thing. WHAM! Joseph was knocked clean off his feet. He was not a happy little guy.

-I think this little video of Jacob is so cute!

May 14, 2008

Secretive Silence

I pause what I am doing, I lift my head. The apartment is unusually quite. Granted Jacob was asleep but what of the other two? I listened for a moment, after hearing nothing some small fears began to arise within me. What secretive thing were my kids up to? I started to think it must be something really bad if Joseph is quiet. So I went out to find what grand mess or evil deed my two older children had done. But for once, I was pleasantly surprised and quite relived when all I discovered was the kids playing dress-up in mommy and daddy's closet. And I must say, it was really cute. They both gave me that ' I know I probably shouldn't be in here but we are cute so you can't be mad at us' look. I'm just sad that by the time I actually got the camera out they had already taken off some of their fine apparel.

May 13, 2008

TWILIGHT Teaser Trailer is Out!!

It looks SO good! I can't wait for it to come out. I just hope it is as good as the books!  Check it out!

May 12, 2008

Jacob's First Birthday!

I can't believe Jacob is 1-year old! They change so much that first year I thought I would show a few pictures from when he was born. His birthday was on the 9th.

At the hospital

______Newborn_____________Two months______

______Four months___________Six months______

Saturday night, since I didn't get a chance to make a cake, I got those soft sugar cookies with the yummy frosting that you buy in the bakery area of the store (I LOVE these cookies, and I don't usually like sugar cookies) and put a candle on it. In case you are wondering why Jacob is already a mess he had just had some pizza.

Excited by the flame (of course Savannah has to be in the picture too)
Trying to blow it out
Wondering why everyone was clapping (Savannah blew out the candle)
Sampling his cookie
He decided there had to be a better way to eat it
Pure happiness

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