June 30, 2008

Weekend Update

Sorry I'm a little slow at updating the weekend. So here we go. Friday, I finally did it. I used the clippers to give Jacob a haircut. Not just a little trim, but a real haircut.

His "before" pictures... LOL, he woke up extra early that day so he feel  asleep while eating breakfast.


And a bunch of hair later... Voila! I was sad to see his fluffy head go, but I think he looks so dang cute with his new army look.  

You know, I kind of always figured Jacob looked like Luke but after giving him his hair cut it struck me how much he looks like my older brothers! Which means he takes after my moms side of the family.

Saturday morning we took the kids down to the Falls to feed the ducks. As you can see, it is right across from the Temple.

Can you tell I'm holding onto Joseph's arm? He kept wanting to run off to the water.

The kids LOVED feeding the ducks! We when we ran out of bread Savannah says to me, "Mom, the ducks are sad because we are out of bread! We need to come back and bring them more!"

There was a couple walking with these huge dogs! One of them was a St. Bernard and the boys just LOVED them! They weren't  a bit afraid! Actually, its the small yappy dogs that scare my kids.

Boy, you can really tell my waistline has really expanded in this picture!

Well, I have no cool stories to tell this time. Nothing outside of the usual yelling, fighting, screaming, pushing, spilled drinks, food thrown across the room, couch being taken apart 10 times a day, toys thrown off the balcony... nothing out of the ordinary!

5 super cool people speak:

Brittney said...

Jacob looks adorable!!!!! I like the short hair better.

Mama Smith said...

Oh...finally...MY SIDE OF THE FAMILY!!!! (smile) GREAT pictures...looks really nice at the falls...CLEAR WATER!!!! Hmmm...Idaho looks inviting...1 (smile)

Sarah said...

you did a great job on jacob's hair!

i've never gotten up the courage to trim my girl's hair myself.

John and Jami West said...

What a little hunk!! Jacob looks great :) I love those pictures of you and Luke and the kids with the water in the background. So cute! I love family outings.

KB&kids said...

I love the haircut. It looks so good. You'll have to teach me now that I have one we can't let just grow!!

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