June 7, 2008

Quiet... Its Very Odd

I am sitting here all alone in my apartment and it is so quiet and so... odd! I had to go to Pocatello for the day so Luke took the kids to Star Valley to visit Grandma and Grandpa Heiner. Of course, the apartment still looks the same... a big disaster! Almost as if three little kids who had the power of a hurricane, a flood, and an earthquake had been here... oh wait! There are three little kids who live here who obtain those capabilities! Hahaha... how silly of me to have forgotten! But it is so quiet and still, I'm not quite sure what to make of it. Oh, and guess what! While I was in Pocatello today, two people told me I look like I'm fresh out of High School. I think my pride and dignity has been damaged! Humph, I'm almost 25 years old thank you very much!
Well, I did something bad today... I bought something. While I was at Walmart picking up diapers, I saw this super cute red sun dress. Okay, first of all, I don't wear a lot of red, and second, I don't wear a lot of dresses. I'm a skirt and shirt kind of girl. But it was just so cute I had to try it on and I really liked it, so I bought it. I'm trying to figure out why I feel so guilty about buying it. It wasn't expensive, and I love it, if it had been a pair of jeans or something more practical I don't think I would feel QUITE as guilty . There's just something about it being a "red dress" that makes me feel silly. Hmm, why do you suppose that is? I know most moms don't like to spend money on themselves, or rather, feel bad when they do. Maybe once you have kids your mind switches to "practical mode". I know I wouldn't have felt bad at all if it had been something for the kids, or even something for Luke. But a red dress? Hmm, perhaps I will just have to wear it tomorrow and see if the guilt goes away. =)
Anyway, here's a cute little video of Jacob, and that's Savannah ringing the doorbell in the background.

2 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

Quiet moments...How many times a day...when the kids are particularily noisy...that we wish for a few minutes...of blissful..."silence"...and then...when we actually get it for a day or for even a few hours...it is...almost TOO QUIET....(smile) We "mothers" are a fickle lot, aren't we? (smile) By-the-way..."Miss Lady in Red"...I would love to see a picture of you in that RED DRESS!!!!(smile)

Janice said...

don't feel bad about the dress, serene! you deserve it! and i want to see a picture, it's true, i hadn't thought about it, but you are a shirt and skirt kinda gal. this'll be fun for you! :)

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