April 22, 2008

Random Information about our Family

-At 14 months apart, Jacob is only 2 pounds lighter than Joseph. 
-If you were to give Savannah the option of a princess sticker or a dinosaur sticker, she would pick the dinosaur. (this always causes problems at the bank, Joseph always ends up with the girly stickers)
-Luke is the first person in his family to get a Master's degree
-Favorite food: Mommy (chocolate) Daddy (steak) Savannah (stuffed pasta shells) Joseph (m&ms) Jacob (dandelions and toilet paper)
-Joseph likes to pretend my high heels are guns
-Whenever Savannah is upset and crying, she runs into the back room so she can watch herself cry in the mirror
-Luke always wears shoes and socks, even in the house, all the time, everyday
-Jacob's favorite thing to do is chew on socks
-When I was growing up I always thought I was too tall and wanted to be shorter (I'm 5'7)
-Joseph and Jacob are terrified of anything that is battery-powered while Savannah loves them (we have a puppy that barks, walks, and jumps, and a car that runs on batteries that we can't bring out because it freaks out the boys)
-Two of my biggest pet peeves are wet hair (I blow dry everyday) and stuff on my countertops, especially appliances, I can't stand them on my countertops!
-Luke talks to his family on the phone more than I talk to mine
-Jacob will suck on your toes, Joseph will lick your toes, and Savannah with pull on your toes, so watch your feet!
-Joseph has a sixth sense when it comes to sweets. He seems to know instantly when there is something sweet in the house (this is probably due to the 2 bags of chocolate chips I ate almost every week when I was pregnant with him)
-The only flavor of yogurt Savannah will eat is Key Lime Pie  
-Savannah prefers milk, Joseph prefers juice
-I hate being cold, Luke hates being hot

If I think of anything else I will add them later

6 super cool people speak:

Brittney said...

Those are fun random things to read. Especially when it's late at night, and I'm still not done with a project!

Serene Designs said...

lol, I hope you got that project done!

Meagan said...

That is so cute. You are a very creative person. We'll miss you guys!

Serene Designs said...

Thanks, but its easy to do when your kids provide all the craziness. I don't know that I would have a very interesting blog if I didn't have such crazy kids.
We'll miss you guys too!

Kent said...

I'm with Luke, shoes and socks on at all times! Not a big fan of walking around barefoot or in socks.

Serene Designs said...

No way, bare feet equals happiness. What is it with you males? =)

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